Thanks Ryan I managed to fix it. The ordering was one issue and my
time stamps were getting generated incorrectly.

One more question, the Key for HMAC-SHA1 hashing algo required a "&"
to be appended to my consumer secret.

Why is this required?

On Jan 6, 4:08 pm, ryan alford <> wrote:
> You are don't have the parameters in the proper order.  The signature goes
> last.  The rest of the parameters must be in order.  Put the parameters in
> order, create the signature, then append the signature to the end or the
> query string.
> Ryan
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> On Jan 6, 2010 2:05 AM, "Vikram" <> wrote:
> This my query string
> "
> %3D&oauth_callback=oob&oauth_consumer_key=gUutCG9HjEOT0N8IxvW9w&oauth_nonce=hO3CY2tN7OblsYdp0sOoThPRGEMypcWdM1PM&oauth_signature_method=HMAC-
> SHA1&oauth_timestamp=1262716897&oauth_version=1.0a"

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