Cache larger social graphs somewhere in API-ready format. Nobody will
know or probably care if a 500K social graph is outdated by an hour.

On Jan 6, 2:31 pm, Marcel Molina <> wrote:
> That post is a follow up to his argument for why the SUL doesn't represent
> as much value as some might perceive it to. It's an argument for getting rid
> of the SUL as it's currently implemented. There are only 500 or so people on
> the SUL. Non SUL users with as many followers, though rare, likely have a
> far more engaged set of followers.
> We're actively devising various mechanisms for making it a lot easier (and
> faster) to consume someone's full follower list.
> On Wed, Jan 6, 2010 at 5:36 AM, Dewald Pretorius <> wrote:
> > This blog post by Anil Dash makes an excellent case for why Twitter
> > should cap the number of followers that a Twitter account can have. It
> > will make life easier for everyone.
> >
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