I am trying to understand how the API functions for interworking for
SMS. The inter-working application we will deploy will represent about
1 million users [eventually]. When a user sends a SMS command the
inter-working function will proxy the command and send it, via the API
to Twitter.

 There are a number of questions around this:

    * Can I register a new user through the API
    * How do I register an MSISDN [mobile phone number] to my
interworking application.
    * What is the most appropriate mapping of SMS command to API

And most importantly - How do I get tweets form online users

To date, I have not been able to find any functional operation of the
Twitter API, the interaction with Twitter and how the user experience
goes(basically some use-cases with call-flow):

 My main lack of understanding is:
         o Is the Tweet automatically posted to the Twitter API?
          o What is the mechanism that the API uses to present the
Tweet? Poll? Timeline? Streaming API? Poll and Timeline are subject to
rate limiting, which is a real problem as potentially all 1,000,000
users may be following different and multiple people so we would need
to look for, say, 5 - 10 Million people, every few minutes, unless we
can send one request for all users. Streaming becomes a problem if we
are having to parse for millions of entities.
          o Does the inter-working application have to Poll the API
etc or is this using the Streaming API?
          o Does anyone know how does Twitter do this with Vodafone?

I am not a developer, so I am sure a lot of this may be evident if you
have a rudimenatry experience in HTTP etc, however I need more of a
layman's understanding. I am sure all of the answers exist, however in
all my searching I have not been able to find it.

 Your help will be greatly appreciated.


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