Sounds like a swit (spam twitterer) to me. Have you told them about twitter's blacklisting policy?

On 1/7/2010 5:50 AM, Jonathan Markwell wrote:
Hi All,

Would be interested to hear both the community's opinion on this and
the official Twitter view.

I have a client that wants to create thousands of new accounts that
they can use to send out a wide variety of niche interest tweets. They
already have a quote from an outsourcing company that can do the work
and are keen to go ahead. The accounts will, for the most part, be
automated but I'm encouraging them to ensure each gets at least some
human participation in them on a regular basis.

I'm apprehensive about this and I'm trying to disuade them from going
ahead. I'm not convinced that accounts that are primarily automated,
especially when set up on this scale can add that much value to the
ecosystem. Their feeling is quite the opposite and they believe the
audience they are working to provide for will find this extremely
valuable. In addition they are confident, and have some data to back
it up, that what they are creating will bring a huge number of new
real users to Twitter.

What are your thoughts on this?


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