Can anyone from Twitter, or someone who's successfully done it with a
consumer library, please lay out the exact format of the HTTP request
Twitter expects for an OAuth-signed image upload?  By my reading the OAuth
spec allows several possibilities, assuming multi-part POST:

   1. Only the the image (and tile) parameters are in the POST entity.  All
   the OAuth-specific parameters are in the HTTP Authorization header, thereby
   allowing them to be signed.
   2. All the parameters, OAuth ones and image ones, are in the POST entity,
   leaving nothing by the HTTP method and URL to be signed using the OAuth
   3. The OAuth specific parameters appear in the query string of the POST
   url, and once again the image parameter appears in the POST entity.

Which of these does Twitter support?  I'm trying #1 without any success.
 Before investing in upgrading my library to support each of these
scenarios, I'd like to know which one will end up successful.  Right now I'm
getting Status 500 errors.


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