Dear all out here,

For a local online social network (volunteer project) I would very
much like to present our users with selected local tweets. What I
would like to do is this:
+ present a widget on our main page (much like Twitter's own widget:
+ include in the widget only tweets from people on a "designated list"
AND only those with a "special hashtag".

Given that Twitter currently does not allow one to filter for a
specific list in the Search API, all this probable means that some
additional programming is involved, including having a database in the
middle for storage (also handy in case of Twitter outages).
Next to that it would be nice if the tweets appearing in the widget
would have nice links and hashtags links to search.

Given that I am not that much of an advanced programmer, I am looking
for (generous) people who would be willing to point me in the right
direction or maybe have some basic code available supporting all of

Many thanks in advance.

Best regards,
The Netherlands

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