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> Is what you are suggesting to basically consume the entire firehose as
> it comes in and look for geo parameters/locations in real time? My

Yes, that’s what I’m suggesting.  The current API features & constraints
won’t support what you’re trying to do except on a limited basis.  You are
better off consuming the firehose, geocoding tweets whatever way you see
fit, and throwing away the rest.

That’s based on your statement/need of 200,000+ geographic points of
interest.  You might consider drastically reducing that problem set to
something which does work within the current API constraints and features as
a proof of concept to see if you really need all 200,000+ points of interest
or if you can start with a smaller set.

But if you really want such a large number of points of interest, you’re
better off consuming the firehose and doing the filtering on your end, it’s
much less complex.

Might also look at what gnip.com is providing, though they seem to be in the
process of relaunching.

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