I'd like for Twitter to reinstate granting 'from app' links for
desktop apps that use Basic Auth.

As it stands, developers who have relatively new desktop apps are
penalized by having updates from their app say 'from web'. Older Basic
Auth desktop clients continue to enjoy a link back to the client web
site with a 'from app' link.

This link is an important way for an app to get noticed. The policy
regarding this link should be applied uniformly to all developers who
make Twitter clients.

I understand Twitter is trying to force people to use OAuth, but that
won't happen in a meaningful way until OAuth is reliable, has a truly
usable workflow (PIN method isn't it), and can work well with other
services (Twitpic, yfrog, etc). We aren't there yet.

New apps that benefit Twitter by expanding the Twitter ecosystem are
being unfairly penalized for using an authentication method that
actually works well and is used by the majority of apps available.

Please apply the policy regarding the 'from' link uniformly. Please
reinstate it for desktop Basic Auth apps until it's possible for
everyone to transition to OAuth in a way that makes sense.

Thank you.

itsyapp (at) gmail

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