I'm doing desktop apps and I think the PIN workflow is just fine as
is. If there are security reasons why something else is needed, I can
see changing it. But it's no big deal for me to fire up a browser,
push the "allow" button, double-click on a PIN, and then CTL-C / CTL-
SHIFT-V into a Konsole window. ;-)

On Jan 11, 11:01 pm, Raffi Krikorian <ra...@twitter.com> wrote:
> > As it stands, developers who have relatively new desktop apps are
> > penalized by having updates from their app say 'from web'. Older Basic
> > Auth desktop clients continue to enjoy a link back to the client web
> > site with a 'from app' link.
> ...
> > I understand Twitter is trying to force people to use OAuth, but that
> > won't happen in a meaningful way until OAuth is reliable, has a truly
> > usable workflow (PIN method isn't it), and can work well with other
> > services (Twitpic, yfrog, etc). We aren't there yet.
> i'm trying to gather use cases around OAuth to help it make sense for more
> people to use it -- as it stands, we are not going to allow the source
> parameter to be set in new applications unless they come from OAuth.  so,
> please help me out!
> is the reliability of OAuth an actual concern?  do you have a suggestion as
> to what you would like to see other than the PIN workflow?  additionally,
> we're actively working on a "delegation" method for integration with other
> services.
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