On 1/12/2010 9:45 AM, Ryan Sarver wrote:

I appreciate that the response email was probably not helpful to you, but there are reasons that the new zendesk-based system are greatly beneficial to the community. Surely we can tailor some of the responses so they are more specific to your inquiry (and we will do that), but it's important for us moving forward to have one ticketed channel that allows us to make sure we follow up to every response at scale. Previously those emails were coming into our personal inboxes where they could slip for weeks before we noticed them which left a developer hanging in the lurch the whole time.

I would also ask of you that you assume the best of people's actions instead of following up with something as unconstructive as your first response. We are here working with you to continue to improve the system and a simple email calling out that the form response hadn't been helpful to you with a suggested email of what would have been more helpful is something we can work with you on.

We are committed to building the best support we can and that can only be done through feedback from everyone on what is working and what isn't. We actually aren't getting a lot of resumes for the Developer Advocate role, so anyone on this list is interested in helping the community or knows of someone who is, please pass them along. The upside is if they do get hired they'll be in your debt :)

So again, I do appreciate and hope you continue to give us feedback on how we are doing, but I hope in the future that it is in a more constructive format than your email here.

Thanks, Ryan

We all appreciate the work you do and the support you give when we can talk to you. And I'm sure a lot of us have sent off e-mails when we should have counted to ten first. But even you can see that when you get an e-mail that is a form letter minus the filled out part, you get a little ticked off. We understand the pressures you're under; we just would ask that you understand the frustration we're under in return.

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