i am trying to make mobile app for Android.
For athenticaion, i followed this procedure.
i got concumer key and secret key,, problem is , i don't know how to
generate PIN code..
is there any web site?
please answer my question.
The application uses oauth/request_token to obtain a request token
from twitter.com.
The application directs the user to oauth/authorize on twitter.com.
After obtaining approval from the user, a prompt on twitter.com will
display a 7 digit PIN.
The user is instructed to copy this PIN and return to the appliction.
The application will prompt the user to enter the PIN from step 4.
The application uses the PIN as the value for the oauth_verifier
parameter in a call to oauth/access_token which will verify the PIN
and exchange a request_token for an access_token.
Twitter will return an access_token for the application to generate
subsequent OAuth signatures.

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