> > What is the reason for no longer allowing the source parameter for
> > Basic Auth desktop apps?
> the ability to "forge" the source parameter is too easy when simply using
> basic auth.

Hi Raffi,

Why not disallow it for all apps then? Would the users of Tweetie,
Twitterrific, etc like that? Would the devs? This reason doesn't seem
to make any sense.

The issue is about applying a rule fairly and uniformly to all devs.
This issue hasn't been addressed. The currently policy hurts devs and
users who reasonably choose not to adopt a system that that doesn't
work well yet.

None of the issues I brought up have been addressed.

As Twitter matures, how you treat the devs and users who make your
ecosystem successful will be increasingly important.

Please reinstate the source parameter so that all devs and users are
treated equally. It doesn't cost Twitter much (anything?) to do the
right thing here.



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