> > If that is the reason for disallowing the source param, why is this
> > policy not being applied uniformly? How would users of Tweetie,
> > Twitterrific, etc. feel if all their updates now said 'from web'? How
> > would the developers of those apps feel?
> those applications have been grandfathered in -- requiring oauth to set the
> source parameter applies to newer applications.
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> Raffi Krikorian
> Twitter Platform Teamhttp://twitter.com/raffi

Obviously they've been grandfathered in, but you haven't addressed the
fact that the policy makes no sense and simply hurts developers and
users who are using the *only system that currently fully works*.

It's clearly a policy intended to coerce devs into Twitter's
incomplete OAuth implementation for the sole benefit of Twitter, Inc.

I can see this is going no where and says a lot about how Twitter
operates now.

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