The Search API limit is not publicly available but is more then 150 calls
per hour per IP. Once you hit the rate limit there will be a header in the
response that specifies when you start making calls again.

You can read more about the Search API rate limit here:

On Wed, Jan 13, 2010 at 21:08, Gui <> wrote:

> Hello community!
> I'm using a Linq to Twitter API to perform a few searches on the site,
> but my queries seem to have exceeded the limits, since the
> documentation on the API is not very extensive on how entry limits
> work.
> A couple of questions: What is the current rate limit for APIs per IP?
> How long is my IP blocked/limited for?
> I tried to find the info on the appropriate places, but even in this
> group I was unable to find specific limitations (which are integral to
> any searching applications).
> Anyway, hope someone out there can reach out and give me a hand.
> Thanks

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