I have been building a Flash app that uses OAuth authentication with
Twitter. But before you even worry about that, you need to know that
thanks to Twitters bizzare crossdomain.xml policy, you're going to
need a PHP proxy or something similar in order to send your requests
to Twitter. Flash in the browser cannot authenticate directly to
Twitter thanks to their policies. Take a look:

That said, here are some resources that may be useful:

On Jan 14, 5:02 pm, eco_bach <bac...@gmail.com> wrote:
> For a personal project I am building an AS3 only web based Twitter
> search and client application. According to Twitter's FAQ, they
> recommend using Oauth moving forward as a means of authentication. But
> from what I've seen (and please correct me if I'm wrong), 3rd party
> libraries (Tweetr,  twitterscript, SWX) don't yet implement OAuth.
> Is anyone aware of any objective comparison between the various
> Actionscript Twitter libraries available?
> And can anyone point me to any live as3 web applications currently
> using Oauth?

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