Hello all,
I am developing a Twitter web app currently on shared hosting.  The
only Twitter API call that I make is an unauthenticated call to users/
show which is counted against my IP address API rate limit.  I do not
have a static IP address so I can't whitelist my IP until I get my own
server.  I can only whitelist my username.

Can I add my accont authentication to the following call:


in order to count the rate limit against my username instead of my IP
for every user that visits my site?

I am still a novice at PHP, especially security.  Would it be ok for
me to make this call with basic authentication inside a PHP script,
only returning the bits of info that I need to the user?

Note that this feature of my site will not be behind a login for
Twitter users, so I can not have users login and then have the API
rate limit applied to their username.

Thanks for the help,

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