Yeah, I developed an OAUTH app using VB.NET.

For the OAUTH process I used a library recommended to me from this
group. It's pretty good.

The website for my app source code is

Even though there are binaries on this site - it would help if you
downloaded the binaries from!

Search for CYK Desktop.

There is the simple HCI version of CYK Desktop. This version was
designed with Human Computer Interaction in mind and is really easy to

Then, there is the advanced version of CYK Desktop which takes over
the desktop! It's a pretty cool feature.

There are some problems that can arrise with the advanced version.

1. Firewalls need to accept the dumpurge.exe before logging into CYK
Desktop Advanced.
2. On Vista / Windows 7 - UAC (User Account Control) needs to be
turned OFF before logging in.

The source code is for CYK Desktop advanced. They are pretty similar
under the hood (the different versions).

Okies, what I would LOVE is some feedback on my program in this thread

I recommend downloading the simple version to test because it does not
hijack the desktop. But, if you are technically minded - and want your
mind blown - download the advanced version!

Love in - peace out - Catcalls

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