Hi there,

As part of my application I've written a script which monitors the
followers of my twitter account and updates my database accordingly.
The idea being that the number of records in my database table (users)
is identical to the number of followers of my Twitter account.

I've hit a problem a couple of times while debugging it that I've
accidently ended up unfollowing all my users. Stupid I know but
accidents happen :-).

The end result of this is my account has 14 following and I've 0
followers. I'm now hitting this "You are unable to follow more people
at this time. Learn more here." message constantly to the point that
everything comes to stand still and I can't do anymore application
work because I don't have any users :-(.

If I left it for a while things seem to reset themselves but reading
the documentation on this help page I'm a bit confused as to what rule
I've hit for this to be caused..


My application is whitelisted, I have less than 2000 users and I'm not
likely to get anymore followers just now as the application is in

Any help in this would be much appreciated.


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