Dear Team Twitter,

I don't mean to be rude about this, but how can we expect that Twitter
will role out an all new developer support center that's going to be
more responsive when inquiries about a major defect in the API are
left hanging for months on end? There is an open issue that is making
list functionality completely unusable for a lot of people and has
received zero comment from Twitter staff:

On Jan 11, 12:22 pm, "Orian Marx (@orian)" <>
> There has been an accepted defect in the issue tracker which really
> should be a high priority and there has been no word of any status on
> a fix. The defect is that any developers who cannot use a DELETE
> request were supposed to be able to make a POST request with a
> _method=DELETE param, but that has never actually worked. This leaves
> list management functionality *complete broken* for any client that
> cannot issue a DELETE request. This was first noted in November, and
> the defect was accepted one month 
> ago:

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