> Yet, those 775 accounts have the potential ability to reach up to 775,000+
> ("+", considering the number of retweets they each get) of Twitter's user
> base. When they're dissatisfied, people hear.  IMO those are the ones
> Twitter should be going out of their way to satisfy.  Add to that the fact
> that many of those are the ones willing to pay the biggest bucks when/if
> Twitter implements a business account, they could also be a contributing
> factor to Twitter's revenue model in the future.  It makes total sense for
> Twitter to support those ~775 accounts.  If they're ignored, they'll take
> their followers with them.
> Jesse

Getting way off topic, but I think you're wrong here.  They won't be taking
their followers anywhere.  Commonly the majority of the large number of
followers aren't engaged followers.
Anil's blog post matches my own experiences with traffic fluctuations
receiving tweets.


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