John Meyer wrote:
Technically, you don't. All opensource requires is that you distribute the source code, not the individual data. So you could specify that the secret key is in a particular file and then other users could insert their own secret key.

Right, so everyone would have to get their own API key? Sounds a bit counter intuitive to me.

ryan alford wrote:
You do not want to give out your Consumer Key or Consumer Secret. If somebody downloads the source of your application, they are most likely going to be using it in their own application. Therefore, they need their own Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.

ryan alford wrote:

There is a difference between giving your application to others to install and use, and others downloading your code for their own applications.

The problem with that is that the application is written in PHP, so they need the source to run it, hence, any normal users would need to have an API key.

Ryan McCue

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