Our application requires full social graph dump. One thing that I am
not clear from the 
- is only pagination is depreciated or the use of cursors is made

Suppose if I want full social graph of followers - will the
announcement affect it?


On Jan 9, 1:29 am, Wilhelm Bierbaum <wilh...@twitter.com> wrote:
> On December 22, 2009 we announced that the social graph method pagination of
> the followers/ids and friends/ids would finally be removed. We announced
> deprecation in September (http://bit.ly/46x1iL), November 
> (http://bit.ly/3UQ0LU) and December (http://bit.ly/5VPWk7) of last year. The
> page parameter will be completely removed 1/11/2010. However, the behavior
> of assuming that you want the first cursor page when passing no cursor
> parameter will not.
> In the December 2009 announcement, I explained that:
> You should always pass a cursor parameter. Starting soon, if you fail to
> pass a cursor, the data returned will be that of the first cursor (-1) and
> the next_cursor and previous_cursor elements will be included.
> In response to the feedback we received in 
> ahttp://bit.ly/longDiscussionAboutTheSocialGraphwe have decided not to
> immediately remove support for unreliably retrieving a complete friend or
> follower list (by passing neither page nor cursor parameters) on 1/11/2010.
> We understand that too many applications still depend on it. We're working
> on a better way to pull this data; expect another updated announcement on
> this list soon with further details.
> We know that the cursor-based social graph APIs can be improved -- we can
> provide richer functionality than we currently expose. To do this, we need
> your help; contribute your use cases for the social graph in response to
> this message onhttp://bit.ly/TwitterDevelopmentTalk. With better
> understanding of how you use the graph data, we can improve the quality and
> variety of APIs that we provide.
> Thanks!

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