It wouldn't be part of the EULA that you'd need to sign, it would be the
only practical way to get the data on the current system.

Streaming doesn't have a way to search on user-reported location in the
profile, but you can do this with the near: parameter in search. There are
clear use cases for this functionality, demonstrated by the popularity of
this search feature.

I wouldn't be so confident in Geo Tagging uptake. I can geo tag all of my
tweets, yet I only do when it would add to the content.

On Tue, Jan 19, 2010 at 12:38 AM, M. Edward (Ed) Borasky

> On Jan 18, 8:03 pm, John Kalucki <> wrote:
> > 3) You should have two accounts (and thus streams) at elevated access
> > levels, one for follow and one for track, that perform the bulk of your
> > work. You should also use two accounts at default access level for follow
> > and track to find recent deltas without disrupting your main streams too
> > often. Once the default streams are "full", you'll have to cycle the main
> > streams.
> So that's four accounts? Is that part of the EULA we'd need to sign -
> that we'll have four connections open?
> > 5) You can use the geo tag feature, but the volume is so low. We don't
> have
> > a feature in the Streaming API that allows selecting statuses by the
> > self-reported profile information yet.
> Is that in the works? I'm not sure I can think of a use case for it,
> given that the marketing analytics folks are going to be going all out
> to encourage at least smart-phone users to enable automatic
> geotagging. For lower-frequency / lower-accuracy use cases, I'm pretty
> sure I can build a list of people who are based in PDX without
> resorting to high-powered technologies. Especially once I get 1500
> REST API calls per hour with oAuth. ;-)
> The non-profits are also interested in promoting geotagging. I was in
> a meeting on the subject last Tuesday. (some of the slides are at
> ).
> In short, I think geotagging is going to grow as fast as smart-phones
> and other location-aware Twitter clients grow. (As an aside, those in
> the meeting were unaware that the earthquake in Haiti had happened
> during the meeting.)
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