Hi, reading documentation at:

says returns a list of status elements, when I click they hyper link
it takes me to this page:


which says the documentation has moved, when I click that link, it
takes me to:


where I cant find the status/filter api results.

Can someone point me to where I can read & understand the results of
this call?

To be specific, I have been watching the json returned and here is
what I see:

- always returns user data - great no problems
- seems to return at least one "text"  but sometimes multiple ones.
(maybe only in retweeted_status???)
- sometimes contains "retweeted_status" which contains a user and text
- docs say it could contain delete status

Is this it, anything else that can come through?

Any examples of any language parsing the json/xml of the various stuff
that can come through? (I have a java api example that creats a json
object, im more looking for something that shows the various types of
api results that could come through and buckets them into their
various types. (tweet, retweet, delete etc)


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