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On Tue, Jan 19, 2010 at 12:57, eco_bach <> wrote:

> I've registered a new application and trying to get the sign in with
> twitter workflow working.
> I've defined my application type as 'Browser' since I want Twiiter to
> automatically redirect the user back to the application URL after sign-
> in and user authorization (ie NO PIN handshake). Ive also defined my
> Callback URL as being the same as my Application Website URL.
> In the wiki it mentions that
> 'To take advantage of Sign in with Twitter, applications should send
> request tokens in the oauth_token parameter to oauth/authenticate
> instead.'
> But in my application settings I see the Authorize URL as being
> with no option for changing...
> Can someone clarify if this is an error in the wiki, or should I
> simply use
> '' and ignore what it says in my
> Application Details page?
> Thanks in advance!

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