You don't actually _need_ to call it after obtaining the access token.
It does not _do_ anything, it simply returns a "yes/no" type of answer
to you (200 OK if the credentials are valid, 401 Unauthorized if not).
When you manage to obtain the access token, it implies that the
credentials are already verified. But it does not hurt anything to
call it, so you can call it if you really want to be extra sure.

The verify_credentials simply lets you check whether some previously
issued access token is still valid or not. For example, if the user
deauthorizes your app, you can detect this with verify_credentials...
but at the same time, all other API calls would also start to respond
with "401 Unauthorized".


On Jan 19, 8:27 pm, eco_bach <> wrote:
> Thanks Abraham!
> In that case I will call it automatically after obtaining the access
> token.

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