Hi, Twitter team!

I'm @ono_matope

I made a fav-crawler that fetches favourite-feeds only when
favourite_count of the user profile information (whitch is retrieved
by or list members API) get increased. This mechanism will lat me
crawl your data in less resouces.

But I've noticed that the user's favourites_count attribute that
retrieved by "user/show" or some other API does NOT to be updated even
though he created a new favourite.

Through some experiments, I found out following specifics.

1. When user created new favorites, his user info does NOT update.
2. That will be updated only when he tweets, follows someone or do
some other activities but creates favourites.

...My new crawler development has been stuck : (

I would like to request that  favourite_count attribute to be updated
without any other activities, please.

Thank you.


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