Questions regarding how to get replies to a tweet

What is the recommended way to do this properly?

A few things I have tried

{I am aware that there is no current way to use the search API and
grab all responses to a tweet (i.e by reply_to_status_id) [bummer].}

1. The search API using a "to:someUser&since_id=
[theIdOfTweetIAmWatching]": this does not work since I have no
reply_to_status_id in the results to match up with.

2. API --> home_timeline: Requires the credentials for the user who
created the tweet [Which I may or may not have]

3. API --> user_timeline with the user_id from the tweet I am
watching: this does not include the tweets to the user

4. Cheat and have twitter to the work....
http://search.twitter.com/search/thread/[theIdOfTweetIAmWatching] :
does not seem to support JSON or anything other than HTML or ATOM

5. Searched the list :)

I am just trying to get a handle on how to take a tweet that I get in
via a stream and go look [poll] for replies.

It seems I would need to follow the user using the streaming API and
match based on the in_reply_to_status_id but that would get quite out
of hand due to incoming tweet volume [i.e would need to follow a large
amount of users that may or may not ever produce a valid reply].

Thanks in advance,


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