I tried to find the similar question here (in google groups), in the
FAQ and in the API, but couldn't find anything.

The problem:
Cross-posting the links to the user page and to some his statuses in
the web become more and more popular. But, as i understood, you can't
guarantee that this links not long after would not change the logical
destination. For example I create some post about some twitter-user
"aaa" and give the link "twitter.com/aaa"
After that user “aaa” changed name to "bbb" and user "ddd" changed
name to "aaa". So my old link now points to the different person.

This problem becomes more serious for the aggregators that don't know
what content they might approve after a while.

The simplest decision would be providing the possibility to link to
the user not by name but also by id. That pages might be just
redirections to the original user pages, it doesn't matter.

For example
if the user “aaa” have id 111111, the following two links should point
to the same page:
twitter.com/aaa and twitter.com/id/111111

This mechanism should also be applied for the statuses:


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