According to the offcial OAuth spec, in order to obtain an access
token, the consumer request MUST contain the following parameters

                1 oauth_consumer_key:The Consumer Key.
                2 oauth_token:The Request Token obtained previously.
                3 oauth_signature_method: The signature method the Consumer 
used to
sign the request.
                4 oauth_signature: The signature as defined in Signing Requests
(Signing Requests).
                5 oauth_timestamp: As defined in Nonce and Timestamp (Nonce and
                6 oauth_nonce: As defined in Nonce and Timestamp (Nonce and

I'm developing a web application in Flash and hence, NOT using the
extra pin handshake. (at least I've been told it wasn't necessary, my
Application Type is defined as 'Browser').

So far, I've been unsuccessful, 'verified'= false in my access token
request handler.
Can someone cofirm for me that I in fact don't need the PIN, and if
so, do I need to explicitly define all six parametres above in my
Thanks for any feedback!

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