Building an actionscript Twitter client and using OAuth for the sign
in process.

Having an extrememely frustrating issue with a sporadic error message.
'403 Forbidden: The server understood the request, but is refusing to
fulfill it.'

I'm using, of necessity, a php proxy to get to the Twitter oauth
authenticate page at

I get here no problem so I'm assuming there's nothing wrong with my
proxy script.

However, immediately AFTER clicking 'Sign In' I sometimes get the
error message.

Also, when I am getting the message, I can even leave the username and
password fields blank and click 'Sign In'. I still get the error
message, instead of a correct message indicating that the username-
password fields are missing.

Because this error only seems to happen sporadically, without me
having changed anything in my code, it makes it difficult to
troubleshoot properly.

Anyone else experience this?

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