I remember this topic coming up before and it seems like someone built an
application that handled this but I can't find any references to it. Maybe
somebody else can?


On Wed, Jan 20, 2010 at 06:29, Ivan <gli.w...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi.
> I tried to find the similar question here (in google groups), in the
> FAQ and in the API, but couldn't find anything.
> The problem:
> Cross-posting the links to the user page and to some his statuses in
> the web become more and more popular. But, as i understood, you can't
> guarantee that this links not long after would not change the logical
> destination. For example I create some post about some twitter-user
> "aaa" and give the link "twitter.com/aaa"
> After that user “aaa” changed name to "bbb" and user "ddd" changed
> name to "aaa". So my old link now points to the different person.
> This problem becomes more serious for the aggregators that don't know
> what content they might approve after a while.
> The simplest decision would be providing the possibility to link to
> the user not by name but also by id. That pages might be just
> redirections to the original user pages, it doesn't matter.
> For example
> if the user “aaa” have id 111111, the following two links should point
> to the same page:
> twitter.com/aaa and twitter.com/id/111111
> This mechanism should also be applied for the statuses:
> twitter.com/id/111111/statuses/222222
> Ivan.

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