I'm using the OAuth Sign In process with a flash browser-based
The following 2 steps ALWAYS work after I click my 'Sign In with
Twitter' button, I make it to the Twitter OAuth sign in page so I have
the correct request token, etc

1 successfully retrieve request token
2 navigate to Twitter's OAuth login page (following url isn't my
actual URL but represents the actual path visible in the browser)

But the ONLY way I can proceed further (ie clicking 'Sign In' on the
Twitter Oauth sign in page) without getting the 403 error is if the
browser has just launched BEFORE navigating to the Twitter OAuth sign
in page.
Let me explain...
ie I have a separate duplicate compiled version of my application on
my desktop where I click the 'Sign In with Twitter' button to start
the login process.
It targets the same php proxy script, retrieves the request token,
then issues a navigate to URL command which launches a new browser
window, or in this case, launches the browser.

Clicking signIn now works correctly, no 403 error

Other wise(if the browser has ALREADY been open BEFORE I get to the
twitter OAuth Sign In page) I get the 403 forbidden message, even if
the username-password fields are blank.

What gives? I am totally stumped....
This occurs in BOTH Safari and Firefox in OSX....so I can assume its
NOT a browser issue
Perhaps a cookie issue...or something to do with my php proxy???
any suggestions welcome...

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