I would also like to request the API limit to be raised as soon as
possible. I am not able to roll out an update for my desktop Twitter
client, simply because the API limit is too low for the features I
have implemented. The new version of my client utilizes Lists related
APIs, which consumes a lot of API calls. Moreover, multiple API calls
are currently required to get a chain of replies (conversation), which
consumes significant number of API calls.

The previously discussed features were implemented, because there was
an official announcement to change the API limit to 1500. I know it is
expected to happen in "few weeks", but it would be good to know the
estimated date for this, so the developers can make appropriate
decisions on the application deployment timeline.

-- Aki

On Jan 21, 9:48 am, Eric Woodward <e...@nambu.com> wrote:
> I will come straight to the point: we need to an increase to the API
> limit to properly implement Twitter within a desktop client
> application given the addition of: 1) three retweets timelines; 2)
> checking the account's saved searches; and 3) up to 10-20 Twitter
> Lists timelines.
> Twitter Lists alone are causing real problems if a user follows more
> than 5 or so. We cant poll Twitter List subscriptions with one API
> call that combines them altogether, which we could then split apart
> client-side with some attached meta-data. That alone would have been a
> big help, and without it we are left polling each List as if it was a
> separate timeline, since that is what they are.
> Implementing proper Lists management is a non-starter within this
> limit, so is regular confirmation of a relationship between two users
> when asked for by the user (on Lists or search results). There is
> simply a lot of stuff I cannot do properly that is standard on
> twitter.com, all because I am subject to the API limit while
> twitter.com is not. Users simply do not understand this distinction in
> possibilities.
> I would like to formally ask on behalf of all client developers that
> the API limit increase to 250, from 150, for all applications whether
> they use OAuth or HTTP Basic Authentication. We are simply not able to
> implement Twitter properly within a limit of 150, but dont need a lot
> more, only another 100-200 API calls or so.
> If Twitter can even technically contemplate a 10x API limit increase
> to 1,500 for OAuth applications, surely an increase to 250 based on
> the addition of core features like official retweets and Lists is a
> reasonable request. A limit of 150 is simply obsolete, and has been
> for a long time.
> I do not want to wait for the UX repairs around OAuth for desktop
> applications, and I dont like being forced into OAuth sooner than we
> are ready just because we need the extra API hits just to do basic
> features properly. And besides, that was announced as two weeks away
> three weeks ago. I dont want to wait any longer. I want to properly
> implement the basics, like Lists polling, now.
> This is a considered email because I care about the quality of our
> Twitter implementation and I care about the Twitter ecosystem. I would
> appreciate a considered reply.
> --ejw
> Eric Woodward
> Email: e...@nambu.com

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