I've been wrangling Twitter's API for a few months while developing a
third-party ap that, among other things, allows users to update their
twitter streams.

This morning we received a support inquiry from a user who said that
he was unable to update his status through our service. We log every
return we get from twitter, so I checked out the log and the result
looked like a normal successful tweet reply.

Upon closer inspection, I noted that the response was based on a
*different* status update than the one we posted.

I tested making the update call manually, and I got a similar result:
The status we sent was not posted, but we were returned the
information for their most recent tweet.

In summary, this is what we're seeing:

1. An OAuth-authenticated user attempts to post a new status to
2. Twitter returns a normal-looking response, but it is for a pre-
existing tweet that was not posted through our ap.
3. The user's timeline does not reflect the new post.

So far, I've only seen the behavior with this particular user's two
Twitter accounts. All other users seem to be getting normal results
back from their status updates.

I've tested it pretty extensively, but I can't imagine it being caused
by anything other than a Twitter API bug. Is there some strange case
in statuses/update that I'm missing, or is this truly a bug?

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