i am getting this response code in my twitter search application, how
to resolve the error ?

On Dec 23 2009, 3:44 am, Wilhelm Bierbaum <wilh...@twitter.com> wrote:
> We're changing the response code sent back by the Search API when the
> rate limit has been exceeded. At present, it is impossible to
> distinguish rate limit responses from other error conditions in
> responses from the Search API -- this is what we're trying to fix.
> Starting Monday, January 18th, 2010 the Search API will respond
> with error code 420 in the event that the number of requests you have
> made exceeds the quota afforded by your assigned rate limit.
> Please update your response your response handler to accommodate this
> new behavior.
> Apologies for the false start last time this change was announced.
> If you have any questions, please feel free to post them on
> twitter-development-talk.
> Thanks!

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