That is one of your problems. The signature needs to be created for each

Here is how I do it in C#.  I know it's not the language you are using, but
hopefully it will help on how to create the signature.  Then you can use
similar libraries in Flash(if there are similar libraries) to make your


On Fri, Jan 22, 2010 at 2:11 PM, eco_bach <> wrote:

> Hi
> My OAuth sign In process is failing to verify my signature, so I
> thought I should at least ensure I understand the meaning of the term.
> Every time my web application launches, it generates a unique
> signature, which doesn't change for the current session.
> ie, if I quit the application, then restart, a new signature is
> generated.
> This signature should be appended to the end of
> my initial request token request
> my access token request
> my verify credentials request
> and my status update requests.
> Am I correct in the above?

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