Hi all,

I'm glad to announce that Twitter4J version 2.1.0 is available for download.

It is also available at the Maven central repository.

This release contains a lot of improvements including full Android support, 
better configuration scheme, improved performance and more.
See the release notes for the details.

Compatibility notice:
This version is slightly incompatible with previous versions.
Please refer the migration guide before you get started.

As always, many thanks to the community!

Release Notes - Twitter4J - Version 2.1.0

[TFJ-206] - need to disambiguate methods showUser(integer-userid) and 
[TFJ-207] - need to disambiguate methods ***ById(int id) and 
***ByScreenName(String sn)
[TFJ-213] - 400 bad request when using within near: or within: operator.
[TFJ-215] - geo lat/long are always -1
[TFJ-228] - Unable to "close" a TwitterStream
[TFJ-230] - DirectMessage.getSender()/getReceiver() always return null
[TFJ-235] - Reply to Retweet does showe inReplyToStatusId as -1
[TFJ-236] - twitter4j.Twitter doesn't implement Serializable properly
[TFJ-257] - rateLimitStatus doesn't work with OAuth
[TFJ-262] - unexpected TwitterException(statusCode=-1) on Android
[TFJ-282] - java.lang.IllegalArgumentExcep tion: URLDecoder: Illegal hex 
characters in escape (%) pattern - For input string: " s"
[TFJ-162] - use json to reduce computing / network footprint
[TFJ-217] - geo location as a class
[TFJ-219] - support improved retweet format
[TFJ-224] - verifyCredentials: clarify when TwitterException will be thrown
[TFJ-234] - cursor-based pagination for statuses/friends and statuses/followers.
[TFJ-239] - rate limit status as a class
[TFJ-240] - retire featured method
[TFJ-244] - introduce a constant type class - TwitterMethod for AsyncTwitter 
exception handling
[TFJ-245] - typo: deliverlyDevice -> deliveryDevice
[TFJ-246] - retire async methods that don't take TwitterListener
[TFJ-250] - add handy setter methods to Query class that returns itself to make 
it possible to generate a query instance in one line
[TFJ-253] - methods that are API rate limited but are not requiring 
authentication need to pass credentials (if availalbe) to get whitelisted 
[TFJ-261] - introduce interface set which contain pre-categorized method set
[TFJ-263] - define interfaces per method sets
[TFJ-264] - rename ratelimitStatus() to getRateLimitStatus(), 
ratelimitStatusAsync() to getRateLimitStatusAsync()
[TFJ-266] - mask Basic Authentication header in the debug output
[TFJ-267] - be ready for the new search api response code
[TFJ-273] - use SSL by default when Basic Authentication is enabled.
[TFJ-274] - ability to specify streaming api specific http read timeout value
[TFJ-276] - introduce Interfaces for data objects
[TFJ-277] - extract interfaces from data objects
[TFJ-278] - ensure *JSONImpl are treating all fields as optional
[TFJ-279] - User.getProfileBackgroundTile() should return boolean
[TFJ-283] - retire Device#IM as "IM" is not a supported notification device 
[TFJ-284] - separate AsyncTwitter from Twitter
New Feature
[TFJ-50] - support update_profile_image method
[TFJ-51] - support update_profile_background_image method
[TFJ-152] - introduce a listener interface that can grab http responses
[TFJ-171] - listener for rate limit status changes
[TFJ-210] - ability to handle streaming api's deletion and limitation notices
[TFJ-214] - list API support
[TFJ-223] - support spam reporting API
[TFJ-226] - use versioned URL
[TFJ-227] - introduce a tiny utility class that produces "a minutes ago" like 
strings from Date objects
[TFJ-229] - ability to get Retry-After info
[TFJ-231] - introduce more flexible configuration scheme, make Twitter class 
[TFJ-237] - support list members methods
[TFJ-238] - support list subscribers methods
[TFJ-248] - support friendships/show
[TFJ-249] - support users/search
[TFJ-270] - include geo location info in the search result
[TFJ-280] - ability to configure baseURLs
[TFJ-289] - async support spam reporting API
[TFJ-290] - async support of support users/search API
[TFJ-113] - retire deprecated methods
[TFJ-220] - remove User#sendDirectMessage()
[TFJ-225] - setup twitter4j.org
[TFJ-255] - remove getPublicTimeline(long sinceId) as the parameter is not 
documented anymore
[TFJ-256] - deprecate(or remove?) getFriendsTimeline()
[TFJ-258] - Streaming API example
[TFJ-265] - ensure AsyncTwitter class is truly serializable
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