Hi Michael
Good point. Actionscript 3.
Chices are Twitterscript and Tweetr.

As far as I know, Twitterscript has no example using OAuth.

And Tweetr has no example of working with browser based web
authentication WITHOUT also requiring the PIN handshake.

If you think I am wrong in NOT choosing either of the above, would
appreciate your rationale.

After some research, decided to use as a base what Sonke Rohde has

Sonke's example is Flex4 and for an AIR application, so I've modified
it quite a bit to work for an Actionscript only web application.
Sonke in turn is using code this open source project to create
requests, generate signatures

The fact that I've gotten OAuth to work up to the point of verify
credentials working would seem to indcate that I am at least on the
right path.
And I've learned a heck of a lot as well;)
Perhaps what I'm trying to do isn't possible (ie creating browser
based web OAuth authentication WITHOUT also requiring the PIN
but I'm determined to find out if this is the case.

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