Just wanted to give everyone a heads up now that we have officially
announced the dates for Chirp and made the first 200 tickets available
for purchase at http://chirp.twitter.com. Chirp will be a two day
event being held on April 14th and 15th and over 800 tickets will be
available in total. You can follow @chirp (http://twitter.com/chirp)
for announcements.

Chirp is a developer-focused event and we want to make sure the room
is filled with all the right people. In fact, you'll notice that you
even need to use the API to be able to purchase a ticket :) We as a
company are really excited about the event and investing a lot in
making this something really special. We hope to have lots of you
there to celebrate the accomplishments of the ecosystem and share the
roadmap of the platform.

The schedule is still in development and we'll be adding more detail
to the Chirp site as things come together. You can expect to hear from
people at Twitter, top developers, investors and users from across the
ecosystem. We are interested to hear what you would like to see
content-wise, so please send us any ideas/wants you have and help us
shape the conference.

Also, in an effort to give cash-strapped developers access to the
conference, we have a pool of Scholarship Tickets. These tickets are
an opportunity for individuals or companies with the means to
anonymously purchase a ticket for a budding developer without the same
means to attend. If you are in a position to help another developer,
please consider doing so by generously giving back to the ecosystem.
If you are a developer that would like to apply for a Scholarship
Ticket we'll be following up with details on how to do so soon.

We look forward to your thoughts and ideas on what kind of content you
think would make the conference a success. If you have feedback or are
looking for things like press passes, please email ch...@twitter.com.
We look forward to meeting you in person.

Best, Ryan

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