Is the HTTP code really 0, or did you receive a TCP reset without any
bytes read and your HTTP library is returning a code of 0? (There may
be other error indication flags in the client which aren't being
checked before testing the HTTP response code.) Or, perhaps the the
HTTP response header corrupt?

Use tcpdump or other sniffer to determine for sure.

-John Kalucki
Infrastructure, Twitter Inc.

On Thu, Jan 28, 2010 at 11:25 AM, EastSideDev <> wrote:
> Perhaps we can get someone from Twitter to comment on it. The issue is
> not 0 API limits, it's an HTTP code 0.
> On Jan 28, 4:02 am, Richard <> wrote:
>> We see quite a few TweetDeck users complaining of mysterious 0 API
>> limits here. No other apps in use and very few API calls made,
>> suddenly down to 0. Looks to be some kind of API issue here...
>> On Jan 27, 11:59 pm, EastSideDev <> wrote:
>> > Prior to doing a rate-limit API, I always get 
>> > the
>> > credentials). Every once in a while, I get an HTTP response code of 0
>> > (even though the previous call may have told that I still have more
>> > than 19,000 calls left. My workaround is is do..while loop, with a
>> > break of 10 loops.
>> > Any suggestions?

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