Hm, wait... this account was created in Nov 2009 and has spaces and a
\n in his screen_name??

On Feb 3, 4:59 pm, PJB <> wrote:
> Just FYI, Twitter screen names are not (or, apparently, didn't use to
> be) restricted to 0-9A-Z-_
> <id>6295462</id>
> <screen_name>Magic carpet1</screen_name>
> <id>3939231</id>
> <screen_name>Walking the dog2</screen_name>
> <id>92595586</id>
> <screen_name>Its mine\nM2</screen_name>
> We're also seeing non-ASCII in some other screen names.  (Though we
> don't currently know what they are... we just know they exist! ;)
> We're assuming this is a vestige of long ago coding?
> It does screw up our desire to use ascii char(15) in db...
> Maybe Twitter can fix?

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