Cotweet has some of this, but it's a more general "manage responses" system
than bug tracking. I'd love to see Tender add Twitter features.

 -- ivey

On Wed, Feb 3, 2010 at 1:03 PM, Anton Krasovsky

> I wonder if anyone has a twitter based bugtracker / feedback system?
> Of course, there are many web based systems like that (uservoice,
> etc), but given that many of my users
> seem to have mostly mobile-based net access, leaving feedback for them
> is harder than it should be.
> Or if I start using twitter as a main feedback channel, it's going to
> be difficult to me to keep track of all these
> tweets.
> So, is there anything out there that could help me keep track of user
> feedback via twitter?
> Regards,
> Anton
> j2me Twitter client

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