Why would my IP get banned - the API allows developers to retrieve
almost every piece of data from user's twitter profiles so developers
don't need to scrape. I think if it's a closed site and they want to
protect content, then I can understand IP banning but if it's an open
system like Twitter, I don't see any reason why my IP would get

Maybe someone from the Twitter Platform team can chime in, especially
since I only scrape for list counts every 4-6 hours on a small set of
users for my application.


On Feb 9, 9:54 am, Cameron Kaiser <spec...@floodgap.com> wrote:
> > Why don't you just simply retrieve the HTML for the user's twitter
> > profile page and look for  id="lists_count" and just grab the number
> > in this tag. That's what I'm doing now. Of course, Twitter could
> > change the HTML on this page but they probably won't do it often.
> Screen scraping is an excellent way to get your IP banned.
> That said, having a total list count would be a very nice feature to add
> to /show.
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