> Very pleased that this went out... I've been pushing for this on this list
> for quite a while now...
> Let us know if you need any help in any way...

i think the biggest thing is just to comment on it, or let me know that it
makes sense.  this is relatively easy for us to implement, but we want to
make sure its right before go forth.

> As a side note - TweetPhoto has claimed on this list that they have some
> sort of oAuth delegation live?? I haven't played with it yet, but perhaps
> someone who has can comment on what it actually is that they've done?

tweetphoto has a notion of delegation -


the main difference, however, is that they require that the client's
consumer key be shared with them -- that breaks the security model of oauth
a bit.

Raffi Krikorian
Twitter Platform Team

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