> 2) There  should be a call my system can make to remove the app from
>> the user's connections, typically in the case where the user deletes
>> his account from my system.
> I am strongly against this. I don't like the idea that an application can
> act on my behalf then "disappear". Any authorized applications should stay
> listed unless I explicitly remove them. If a user deletes his account from
> you system forget his access_token and move on. A possible compromise is to
> add a deactivated stage that applications could set themselves in for each
> user.

i tend to agree with abraham on this one -- i understand your use case,
dewald, but how does twitter, verifiably know that the user has deleted
their account from your system?  i think its too easy for us to do a weird
thing here, from the perspective of the user.

Raffi Krikorian
Twitter Platform Team

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