I see how to run Curl and get the "trends/current" status data in a
useless-but-fun DOS window.
I see how to throw the same command to my browser and do a Save-As to
save the data I'm interested in, again to a useless file.
I know how to rite a fuw lines of Javascript. But just a fuw; I have
no idea what a callback is.. or a what all those dollar signs mean in
jquery/jqtouch et al.
1) Does it require a nobel prize in fysics to return data from the
following URL in just plain Javascript?
Notice that was a yes/no question. Seriously... why is this so hard?
Because Twitter can't afford for it to be just Javascript or their
bandwidth would collapse... or because it's simply an odd engineering
matter? It is conspicuously absent from the Twitter API doc,
tutorials, even the web at large which has only vague explanations of
GET method... which don't seem to address returning the results of a
page call... just the Address arguments.
2) What is the code if the answer is no?
Thanks, Jack

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