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You had developers that gave up because of cookie handling? Uhhh...


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On Feb 13, 2010 10:44 AM, "Merrows" <> wrote:

Thanks for all the interesting comments. Actually I have found it hard
to locate the expertise.

I have some code samples already, but I really need someone or at
least a technical forum (similar to the kind of thing for Google
Products which allows QA type of messages) for twitter. Is there
anything like that for twitter or is this it?

I have already hired a few developers for this task, and they
implement Basic Auth, or they just give up as finding the code too
hard (mainly handling the callbacks and cookie handling seems the hard

If anyone is interested the actual application it is a new site called I am buillding which will allow users to comment on
products via their twitter names.

On Feb 11, 6:02 pm, alexro <> wrote:
> Also check out LinqToTwitter, it includes...
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