Sounds like an interesting idea. I also thought about writing a forum
app like that because I am not satisfied with how twitter displays

I am sure it can be done with existing API, just a matter of writing a
good app which must be fast.

If you or anyone else wants to collaborate of starting an open source
project like this, I am interested to work on it. I have 10 years of
experience in php so can only work on php based app with heavy ajax

On Feb 17, 9:46 am, Bertrand Azzopardi <>
> Hi I would like to create a twitter application which retrieves
> information from a website and puts them on twitter.  The idea is
> having a forum on the website where people can post their own comments
> and even reply to a posted comment.  The forum must be updated both on
> twitter and the website irrelvant where the user entered the info.
> Would this be possible using any existant tools?  If so would it be
> possible to provide me some links?
> I thank you in advance and hope to hear from you soon.

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