I just though of something that would be very helpful to developers:
what if there was a url to get xml or json of user's profile,
background image, color settings and avatar.
I mean similar to regular RSS feed, only for the current user's

This way we don't even need to use API if we want to generate a page
that looks like user's own twitter page. And because it would be
static files, they could be served from Twitter very fast and make use
last-modified and etag headers.

Currently if I want to style a page to mimin user's twitter page, I
have to access the
and for that I have to use oAuth call. But this is an overkill. Why do
I even need to have user's token and secret just to get his latest
profile that is basically available on his twitter page, I just don't
want to to and scrape it from the actual twitter page.

Why not give us the url to get these settings as json or xml the same
way we can get the RSS for user's latest messages without having to
use API

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